AJ Metal & Light Large Boiler Industrial Lamp
AJ Metal & Light Large Boiler Industrial Lamp

AJ Metal & Light Large Boiler Industrial Lamp

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This is a handcrafted steampunk/industrial bespoke table lamp Created just a stone's throw from Cambridge. Each piece is hand made, guaranteeing its uniqueness, no two will ever be the exact same! 

This lamp features a hand crafted wooden base, hand finished with tools from the 1890's. 

The wood has been carefully chosen for its grain, which is enhanced when stained. It's then mounted on discreet rubber feet to protect your surfaces. 

The pipe work has been carefully assembled from Iron, left in its raw natural black finish, in keeping with the industrial look and feel. 

The lamp comes with a Vintage Squirrel Cage Edison style bulb (40 watt) The bulb mantel is hand machined, and the surrounding bars hand crafted individually to fit each piece. 

This lamp is finished with a handcrafted miniature interpretation of an early wooden clad steam boiler, with chimney stack and two alternate sized pressure gauges, made entirely from scratch, to include the words 'Aetheric Pressure' as a nod to its steampunk inspiration. 

Copper piping has been hand formed and polished before connecting the base 'circuit' to complete the highly decorated base.


Height: 42cm
Width: 26cm
Depth: 15cm

Important info:

-All lamps are bespoke and handmade so there maybe very slight variations i.e grain/stain of wood, pipe and item location etc. (But that's part of the charm don't you think?)

-All lamps are independently PAT tested 

-This lamp is Earthed and has a moulded UK 13 AMP Plug fitted, with a 3 AMP Fuse, (USA model fitted with a moulded NEMA 5-15 3 pin plug). For other destinations please contact me to confirm electrical requirement.

-This lamp comes with a handy on/off switch along wire

- Bulb: E27 40Watt (One included)

-For indoor use only

-Keep away from water