Collection: Lezzeri Jewellery

Lezzeri launched in 2022 by Fran Gregory, a Lincolnshire based independent jewellery maker with a mission to spread joy, by means of  colourful yet elegant jewellery. Fran uses unique Murano glass charms amongst other mediums in carefully chosen modern and fun ways.
She soon discovered that wearing something colourful or quirky, can positively impact your mindset, even bringing joy to others. This is something she wishes to share with the world whilst on her own continual journey for better wellbeing.

You'll find pieces inspired by the celestial giants of the universe such as 
the sun, moon and stars, and also nature. Her jewellery offers peace, guidance and serenity for daily enlightenment.

Fran works with premium materials such as sterling silver and gold
vermeil, which is an extra thick gold plating that is made to last. 

"The name Lezzeri is inspired by my Nonna's (grandmother's) family name. There is an Italian culture in my family and so Murano glass beads really called to me.

It's my goal to create tasteful, modern jewellery with Murano beads and change how people view this style of jewellery, which is usually eccentric, loud and bulky." - Fran